The purpose of this site is making it easy to share cargobikes and (maybe) other useful things. The service is free and responsible to use.

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The platform shall become an community-instrument for all those, who want to contribute to a commons-based culture of sustainability an DIY (and have something to do with cargobikes..or want to). For any ideas please contact me ;)

Here something i did for FORUM FREIE LASTENRĂ„DER 20.06.2015 in Cologne:

Thank you for participation! You want to help translating in all the languages, to make it suitable for even more people? Using a small freeware-program ( Poedit ) you can translate the entire text of the page and save them as .po and .mo - files. . . Please install it on your computer.

The complete original text ( the original text ) of the page you will have a mo - file sent via e-mail ( Please write to this: ). Or download the file (called: right HERE. It contains all texts , explanations and button captions , as well as text and placeholder variables in automatically generated emails in the application ( eg, links or names) or other server interactions. The original file is in the English language . Whenever a text string is not processed, the registration of the original text will appear. Please save your translation called message.po in a separate folder with the symbol of your country language ( es is Spain, it for Italy, ... ).

The associated .mo file is generated automatically when saving. Please send all files. We`ll take care.
This is works (e.g. Italian)
Open the .po file from the email, and click a text string ( arrow) . Use the keyboard shortcut Alt- C and you`ll copy text and all variables into the translation field.

If you have edited a string appears in the upper right box your input and leftmost marked with an asterisk updating .

Please make sure that ALL CHARACTERS be transferred to the translation field ... eg variables in the % character

... or in email templates and all paragraphs , which are characterized by / n

If you have checked everything and once again save the file with the name message.po in an extra folder with the proper abbreviation of the language .

Thank you very much