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Published by Jo on 3/13/17, last updated on 3/13/17

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LocationSeoul, South Korea
Terms of usePassport Copy requied. $100 of Deposit
Max load60kg
Cargo area60cm(W) X 80cm(D) X 52cm(H)
Total length2,150mm
Gear change8
Couplingtandem module available
DescriptionMy trike's name is Skyway. You cannot buy this anywhere in the world. Because It has not been realeased to public yet. Skyway is Electric Tadpole Trike. Also, modular electric trike with self-steering apparatus which provides maximum comforts and easy riding even on corners and uphill with heavy loads.
It has four types of front modules; Cargo (for delivery), Kids Cargo (space for children), Tandem (riding for two passengers) and Tandem Special (using arms to pedal for exercise and rehabilitation).
You can have great time with your family, lover and for yourself with just one trike.
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